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Meet Our Coaches

Skill Set Solutions believes in the transformative power of hands-on coaching and the immense value of diverse expertise. Our team comprises certified coaches who specialize in harnessing the potential of various lucrative industries such as Short-Term Rentals, Home Chef, Glamping, Childcare, and beyond. We provide an extensive array of services tailored to suit your individual business objectives, ensuring that you receive the guidance and support needed to thrive in your entrepreneurial endeavors.


Hector and Anna Rodriguez,  Restaurant Owners, Personal Chefs, Certified Business Coaches

Meet Hector and Anna Rodriguez, a dynamic husband and wife cooking team and proud owners of two successful restaurants. Both certified business coaches, they're passionate about sharing their expertise and helping others succeed in the culinary world. Hector's journey began in his childhood, where he learned the art of cooking from his mother and grandmother. His entrepreneurial spirit emerged during his teenage years when he sold his delicious baked goods to local businesses. Following his passion, Hector attended cooking school, where he honed his skills and started hosting pop-up dinners and private events. In 2016, his dream became a reality when he opened his own thriving restaurant. Anna has her MBA and a second degree in Marketing.  Together they leverage their wealth of experience and now mentor aspiring chefs and caterers to launch and grow their culinary ventures. Through personalized coaching and invaluable insights, they empower entrepreneurs to deliver exceptional dining experiences and build prosperous businesses in the competitive culinary industry.


Jackie Adebayo, Childcare Center Expert, Teacher and Business Coach

Jackie Adebayo, a Home ChildCare Center Coach, radiates a genuine love for children of all ages, though her heart truly sings when nurturing the youngest ones. As a mother of five and grandmother of three, Jackie's over 30 years of experience spans across the fields of early chilldhood education as a teacher for 18 years and also the owner of several successful childcare centers.  Drawing from her personal journey as a loving yet firm caregiver, she intricately weaves her wisdom into teaching others. Jackie believes in providing children with structure, love, goals, and nurturing while gently correcting them and offering opportunities to flourish into kind, respectful adolescents. Her coaching philosophy centers on fostering safe, stimulating environments and guiding aspiring daycare providers with empathy, professionalism, and a deep understanding of child development and early childhood education.


Dana Wright, Retail Sales and Management Coach

Dana Wright is a  retail sales  and management expert  fueled by her passion for fashion design, crafting, and thrifting. With a solid foundation of 10 years in retail management at Ross Dress for Less and a background in retail display, she possesses a unique blend of industry knowledge. In 2018, Dana ventured into drop shipping and hasn't looked back since. Her keen eye for opportunity, coupled with her creative flair, drives her success in identifying lucrative ventures. Dana's entrepreneurial spirit and strategic acumen enable her to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of pop-up retail and drop shipping with confidence and innovation.


Kenneth Long, Short-Term Rental Coach

Kenneth Long,  boasts an impressive 15-year track record in the industry. With a wealth of expertise under his belt, he has become a trusted advisor for individuals looking to navigate the complexities of the short-term rental market. Kenneth's journey began over a decade ago, and since then, he has honed his skills, staying ahead of trends and mastering the intricacies of the business. His passion for helping others succeed in the world of short-term rentals is evident in his dedication to providing valuable insights and practical strategies.


Whether it's optimizing listings, maximizing revenue, or tackling challenges head-on, Kenneth's guidance is invaluable for both newcomers and seasoned veterans alike. Through personalized coaching sessions and tailored advice, he empowers his clients to achieve their goals and unlock the full potential of their rental properties. With Kenneth Long by their side, individuals can confidently navigate the dynamic landscape of short-term rentals and thrive in this competitive market.


Lana Barrett,  Award-winning Interior Designer, and Stager Home Organizer

Lana Barrett, a seasoned expert in short-term rentals and Airbnb, with over 12 years of experience and an impressive 7-year tenure as a Superhost. Leveraging her two decades of real estate expertise, Lana seamlessly integrates her knowledge to optimize property investments and elevate hospitality standards to new heights.

Beyond her prowess in real estate, Lana's skill set extends to interior design and staging, enhancing the appeal of properties to attract guests and maximize returns. From strategic pricing and listing enhancements to navigating regulatory landscapes and implementing cutting-edge technology for efficient property management, Lana covers every aspect of the short-term rental business with finesse.

Lana's discerning eye for property selection, combined with her flair for design, ensures that each space is meticulously curated to delight guests and foster strong guest retention. With a proven track record of success, Lana empowers her clients to thrive in the fiercely competitive realm of short-term rentals, ensuring their prosperity and longevity in the industry.


Rick Smallwood, TURO Car Rental Guru and Car Detail Specialist, Certified Business Coach

Rick Smallwood, a seasoned Independent Car Rental Guru and Car Detailing Business Coach, exudes an unwavering passion for all things automotive. From his earliest days tinkering with Hot Wheels, Rick's fascination with cars has evolved into a mastery of mechanics. His entrepreneurial journey began by renting out his meticulously maintained vehicles, eventually expanding his horizons through platforms like Turo. With a unique blend of wit, humor, and profound expertise in car maintenance and detailing, Rick has curated a winning formula. This formula entails offering both budget-friendly rentals under $25 a day and luxurious options priced at $200 a day. As a coach, Rick generously shares his wealth of insights on fleet management, pricing strategies, effective marketing techniques, and delivering unparalleled service excellence. Through his guidance, aspiring entrepreneurs are empowered to thrive and carve their niche in the fiercely competitive automotive industry.

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